1st Amendment

The freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right of petition.

2nd Amendment

The right to bear arms

3rd Amendment

The rule that soldiers cannot quarter or house in American homes, because of the revolutionary war.

4th Amendment

The 4th amendment protects people from being unfairly arrested or having their houses searched without a warrant.

5th Amendment

One part is that if a person is tried and found innocent they cannot be put on another trail later. They cannot be punished twice for the same crime. Another part is you have the right to a jury. Also you have the right to remain silent.

6th Amendment

Guaranteed the rights to a fair, fast and public trail. People accused of crime have the right to be present in court and have a lawyer even if they cannot afford one. Protects the rights of the accused.

7th Amendment

The 7th amendment gives Americans to right to have a trail with or without jury.

8th Amendment

The 8th Amendment protects the U.S from having to pay excessive bail or have a cruel and unusual punishment. You can get released from jail with bail money. The money gets returned when the accused shows up to their court trial. Protection paying excessive bail means no one has to pay a lot of money for stealing something small like a candy bar. Cruel and unusual punishments are punishments that are not humane. There are many different kinds.

9th Amendment

An amendment where rights not listed in the constitution are given because the rights in the constitution are not the only rights.

10th Amendment

It gives power, not specifically listed in the constitution to the states and its people. For example, it’s up to the states to educate their people.

12th Ammendment

This amendment is about electing the president. It includes the voting process and determining who wins the election.

This affects us because there is an election coming up.

14th amendment

The 14th amendment gives everyone equal rights to people born in the U.S. It also says that people who are born in the U.S. are citizens.

We chose this because this is controversial. Some people do not think that everyone born in the U.S. should be a citizen because of illegal aliens and other issues.