Nick Confer
Jack Gamble
Will Kingston
Tyler Erb

First Ten Ammendments
1. Everyone has these five freedoms:
a. Speech
b. Press
c. Assemble
d. Petition
e. Religion
2. Is states that americans have the right to bear arms. This means that you have the right to own a weapon.-Tyler

3. No one can be forced to quarter soldiers.

4. It states that to convict somebody you need to have evidence and to search somebodies property they need a search warrant. It also protects people from being wrongly arrested or searched.Jack

5. It says that:
(1 You cant be tried for the same crime twice, even if there is more evidence against you
(2 You cant be forced to be a wittness against your self.-Will

6. The right to a fair trial, a lawyer no matter what and to be present.-Nick

7. the seventh amendment garentes that any american citizen has the right to have a jury in any case involving more thatn 20 dollars.-Tyler

8. It prevents people from paying excesive bail and preventing cruel and unusual punishment, which are punishment such as torture.-Nick

9. It says that a right doesn't have to be on the Constitution to be a right.-Jack

10. It gives power to the states people,but only powers not disccused in the Constitution,such asschools since they are not mentioned in the constatution.-Nick

11. You have certin freedomslike religion,speech,public trails that might have been lost in the passage of time.-Nick

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