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Conflicts and Issues:

I) George Washington: Political Parties & Foreign Affairs:

Political Parties:
George Washington had strong believes in the issue of political parties. He in his farewell address said that having strong political parties could make a lot of trouble in side of the country. Also with too passionate loyalty to parties could come to fighting between parties. This could end in destroying a young country.
When elected as president George Washington was not part of party, and throughout all of his time as president he stayed independent. People believe that not having a party to stand by allowed him to listen more to the people. George Washington believed that the country was strong without parties. That the people had the same manners, habits, and political principles and parties would just bring fighting and trouble. He told the people that to not let the idea of political parties being a big part of the election process could end badly.

Resources: Taxt Book, Wikipedia,
  • Beliefs
  • You Can Choose
  • Religion
  • Believing in an Idea
  • Easier for voting
  • People become more involved in governmental issues
  • Balances out governments
  • Makes sure no person is to powerful
  • Divids the peoeple
  • Fighting
  • Divid the nation
  • Hard to fit in to a group
  • Can be to strict or loose
  • Then people can have different opinions on topic'
  • Aggrements and strong beliefs may slow progress of the nation as a whole due to disputes over issues and ideas
Foreign Affairs

When George Washington took office the U.S had no army and the countries were surrounded by unfriendly powers. Then there was the French revolution and went to war with Britain. The U.S was put in to a bad spot. If America supported the French they would putting them self at war with Britain. This is when George Washington made the policy of neutrality. This way they would not aid any of the countries when at war with each other. George Washington believed that we should be in isolationism this is what it is know for avoiding alliances.

Resouces: Text Book, Wikipedia

  • You have country's on your side
  • You can trade with other countries
  • You can have allies in war
  • Economy can grow with other countries
  • They can aid in times of need
  • Easier for traveling to different countries
  • You have to choose on affies that you might not want anything to do with
  • Having trouble with foreigh affiers can come down to war
  • Make you go in to a war that you might being trying to stay cleer of

George Washington had strong opinions on the points of foreign policy and political parties. He believed that political parties would make it so that the country would have to divide. That they could become too powerful in elections. He thought that the foreign policy would build bond with countries that in the future would make more problems than good. So basically he was not for either, that America could move on without power of political parties, or treaties and ties with countries.

II) John Adams: Aliens-Sedition Act:

  • The Provision of Alien-Sedition Act was when 4 bills were passed by the Federalists in 1798, that encouraged rebellion against the government.
  • The main reasoning of the Alien and Sedition Acts was to make the Republicans life more challenging, and to help protect the country from trouble, mostly from people like Citizen Genet. He came to America and tried to convince several americans to help france in the war against Britain. He was on a mission. Later he started saying disrespectful things about President Washington and was ordered to leave America. Adams wants to protect our nation from people like Citizen Genet.
  • Turning into a crime “printing, writing, or speaking in a scandalous or malicious way against the government …Congress…or the President.” This law was approved, yet it was used to punish the Republicans, and many were arrested, which were newspaper editors. The Federalists had created an act that was going against the 1st Amendment.
  • In today’s society The Death Penalty technically violates the 8th Amendment. The 8th Amendment states “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” The Death Penalty is known to give you cruel and unusual punishments, but people are un-allowed to receive The Death Penalty, even when they commit a dreadful crime or murder against someone else. This situation is like The Provision of Alien-Sedition Act. Both violate one of the Amendments, which shall not be tolerated.
  • Immigrants tried making their way past the border to gain freedom.
  • Adam was wanting to protect his country.

  • Adams wanted to help protect his country.
  • Adams and Jefferson tried to work their problems out.
  • People who talked badly about Adams were punished.
  • Did not allow immigrants to cross the border because
  • Adams wanted to protect his country.
  • It made the Republicans life more difficult.
  • The Act went against the Constitution.
  • Newspaper editors were arrested.
  • The two new political leaders were enemies.
  • encouraged rebellion against the government.

III) Thomas Jefferson: Louisiana Territory/Purchase

Why did Jefferson purchase the land?
He purchased Lousiana because in 1801 Spain and France signed a secret treaty that gave Lousiana to the French. This posed a possible threat of war to America. If America didn't purchase New Orleans it could lead to war.
How did he justify his purchase?
Therefore Jefferson sent envoys to Fance to try to seize New Orleans. Instead they returned with an agreement to buy the whole territory of Lousiana. But they couldn't pay for it completly so they borrowed money from Britain and went into debt
Why do others think he shouldn't have purchased Lousiana?
Some people went against this because they thought it was unconstitutional. They said the power to increase the national domain of the U.S is not stated in the Constitition therefore cannot be done.

Organize your thinking using a T chart for the pros and cons of purchasing the territory.

  • A brilliant president
  • Interest in geography and science helped him purchase Lousiana
  • His leadership and smart decision making avoided war
with the french
  • First Secretary of state
  • Well educated and went to the College of William and Mary
  • Alot of experience being the vice president and the president
  • People believed his decisions were unconstitutional
  • He attempted to bribe people of the jury in the Aaron Burr case and even said "There are extreme cases when the laws become inadequate even to their own preservation, and where the universal resource is a dictator, or martial law."
A current day issue that deals with the loose and strict interpatation is "Obama Care". A lot of people do not agree with "Obama Care" because it doesn't say you can do it in the Constitution.

History Alive Notebook
Parents and Mr.B

IV) James Madison:

James Madison Questions-
Explain France's role in the War of 1812:
France played a huge role because America made an agreement with France that if we stopped trading with their enemy (Britain), then they would stop attacking our naval ships. However, after this agreement was made, Napolean Bonapart told his men to continue to seize American ships even though we weren't trading with Britain.
How does the War of 1812 relate to Napolean?
It relates to him because he was the leader of France when the agreement above was made and he was the one who specifically gave the orders to keep attacking our ships which deeply wounded our navy during the war.
Results of 1812: was there a winner?
No, there wasn't, both sides thought that they had won the war.
Include two new war heroes that fought and would eventually become president:
These two heroes were Andrew Jackson and William Henry Harrison.
With these heroes, include the following: When they served as President, term of office, state they represented, and college they attended:
Andrew Jackson: term of office was 2 terms, served as president from 1829-1837, he represented Tennessee as a U.S. Senator, and he did not attend any college
William Henry Harrison: term of office was less than one term, he served from 1841-1841, due to his tragic death from pneumonia, he represented Ohio as a U.S. Senator, and he attended the Presbyterian Hampden-Sydney College at age 14.
Bonus: Find a conflict that existed while they were President. List just one conflict for each President. (Jackson and Harrison)
One of Jackson's major conflicts was objecting to the second National Bank of America. He did not want this and wanted to stick to the constitution.
One of Harrison's major conflicts was dealing with a serious case of pneumonia that eventually killed him. He was only in office for one month so he did not deal with many things.
  • Both sides thought that they had won the war so the Americans gained
pride in their country and really thought that they were an independant country now.
  • The Americans won the battle at New Orleans which gave us great hope.
  • All of the Americans who were War Hawks were thrilled about the idea of war
with France because they were outraged by Napolean's actions toward the states.
  • The Star-spangled banner was written after the battle at Fort McHenry in Baltimore.
  • There were many men lost in the battles in the war of 1812.
  • America went into the war at a disadvantage because they only had 7,000 untrained men and 16 naval ships
  • President Madison was almost killed when the French invaded D.C. and burned the White House and the Capitol building.
  • The war ruined any chance of a re-gained alliance with Britain
  • We had no French alliance during the war like we did in the past.
  • The Federalist party was badly damaged after the war and never recovered.

  • Should Madison have declared war on Britain - War of 1812?
  • Organize your thinking using a T chart for the pros and cons of declaring war on Britain.(War of 1812)

V) James Monroe: Monroe Doctrine

  • America had become a strong nation. Foreign Powers were to keep their “hands off” of America. We were an independent nation, and we were to be respected by the whole world.
  • The “No-Fly Zone” is known to be a certain territory where aircrafts are not permitted to fly. The whole reason for these zones is so that it can help permit bombing, and attacks against our nation.
  • Australia, Cuba, India, Israel, Pakistan, Peru, and many other countries are “No-Fly Zones. All un-scheduled foreign air craft’s are prohibited from going into certain areas of these countries. One example of the problems with “No-Fly zone occurred On September 11, 2001. We had an attack on the United States. Islamic militants used 4 aircrafts in a suicidal attack against the United States. Their target was the World Trade Center in New York City; they were also targeting the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and a field in Pennsylvania. This killed thousands of people, along with many firefighter and police that were trying to save the lives of many citizens.
  • When "9/11" hit the U.S, we did not allow any foreign aircraft over the U.S air space. This was also the case with the "Cuban Missle Crisis". Another incident that this occured was "Operation Desert Storm"

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