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Issues & Conflicts
1) George Washington: Political Parties & Foreign Affairs:
What did Washington suggest about these 2 issues? His comments should be noted
Washington’s Views on Political Parties
  • He saw political parties as a danger to the whole country
  • He accepted the fact that it is natural for people to organize and do things in groups like joining political parties but said that every government had seen political parties as dangerous
  • He thought that the creation of political parties would tear the nation apart because he thought that there would be riots and fighting
  • He said that this fighting would distract the government from their duties to run the country
  • He devoted a large portion of his farewell address to the subject of political parties
Washington’s Views on Foreign Affairs
  • He said that the United states should avoid permanent alliances with other countries
  • He thought that attachments toward other countries were only going to disturb the governments judgment
  • He made a policy of neutrality which is a policy of not choosing sides in a war or disputes between other countries
  • He said that alliances with other countries might cause unnecessary wars because the united states just might want to support the favored nation
  • He stress especially not to have alliances with other countries that want a say in the way that the united states government is run

  • Research each issue, using at least 3 resources - document your resources at the bottom of your wiki page
  • Discuss your notes on these 2 topics with your partners - edit notes as necessary
  • People are able to protest for there free parties
  • Gives people a point of view to choose from
  • Each party is able to find things that the country needs
  • Gave support to people that joined groups because of their views
  • To much protesting
  • Voters dont look at the other party
  • They tell you what you want to hear and notthe bad stuff
  • Not always truthful
  • They waste a lot of money to run the compains
    • As a group create a second T-Chart that shows the Pros & Cons of having foreign allies, treaties with each other

  • The 2 countries that are allies could team up together against a big threat
  • Alliances can be broken which can result in war between the 2 countries
  • Would result in good relations with other countries
  • Stronger country when allied with weaker countries could demand money or other things and if they did not get what they want they could plan an attack
  • Favored treatment toward other countries
  • Favored treatment toward other countries

    • To assist with thought, interview another adult and show their responses on paper T-Chart. As a group, add/edit your existing t-charts to include ideas gathered from the other adults.
  • Summarize both views – Compare and contrast answers.
SS Book

II) John Adams: Aliens-Sedition Act:
Provision of Alien-Sedition Act
  • The provisions of the Alien act were lengthening the time it took for a citizen to become an American and able to vote. Second the president had the right to expel any non citizens from the country
  • The provision of the sedition act was making sedition illegal which was rebelling against the government was considered a crime
    • They felt it was necessary because the federalists said that it would protect the country from troublemakers like Edmond Genet
    • Conflict – How did issue relate to Constitution and the Bill of Rights
      • It stated who could vote in the U.S.A and who could not so it was sort of discrimination
      • Given an example of Alien-Sedition Act, how is this connected with today’s society and current issues today?
        • Immigrants from other countries that are crossing the U.S border illegally. For example every day hundreds of immigrants from mexico come into the U.S to find better jobs and new futures and fate.
        • Explain correlation of Past- Present with 2 issues.
          • Both had to do with immigrants from other countries. About 300 years ago it had to do with when citizens to vote. Now in our society it has to do with people coming into our country illegally
          • Create a T-Chart giving the Pros and Con of the Alien-Sedition Act, and perspective approach of handling the situation**

  • It keeps noncitizens out of the country
  • It frightened some French spies into leaving the country because they would be jailed.
  • It would keep troublemaking immigrants from making trouble, or they would be jailed as well
  • Some people thought it was unconstitutional
  • It made things very difficult for membersof the republican party.
  • Some people thought it was an attack onfree speech because it limited what you could say about the government

III) Thomas Jefferson: Louisiana Territory/Purchase

  • Why did Jefferson purchase the territory?
    • He wanted to protect United States' trade access to the port of New Orleans and free passage on the Mississippi River
    • He bought the land on the belief of destiny, and to strengthen the American relationship with Napoleon and the French.
  • How did he justify the purchase?

    • He Signed the Louisiana Purchase agreement
    • He used presidential authority to make treaties
  • Why might others argue he should not have purchased the territory?
    • Federalists opposed this purchase very strongly
    • Both Federalists and Democratic Republicans were doubtful about if this purchase was unconstitutional or not
    • Federalists also thought that the power of the east cost would be threatened by citizens in the west
    • Because they thought that there was a small boundary for them to us.
  • Organize your thinking using a T chart for the pros and cons of purchasing the territory.
  • They have strengthen Americas relationship with Napoleon and the French
  • It helped protect the trade access to New Orleans
  • More framing space
  • Nobody wanted it
  • Thought it was a waste of money
  • The power of the east would transfer to the west
Some of the new states were: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Montana
It also cost about 2-3 cents an acre.
  • Find a current day issue or event that deals with strict vs. loose interpretation of the Constitution in our society
    • Abortion
    • Obama Health Care
  • Please report and give explanation: Hint, interview an adult and get their perspective.
  • How would the U.S. be different if Jefferson had followed a strict constructionist view?
    • The U. iS would not have been expanded and would not be very big today

IV) James Madison:
  • Should Madison have declared war on Britain - War of 1812?
  • Explain France's Role in War of 1812
  • France played a huge role in the War of 1812 because they made an agreement with the Americans that if they stopped trading with Britain (the enemy) they would stop seizing their ships. After the agreement was made, Napoleon Banopart told his men to continue the seizure of the American's ships.
  • How does War of 1812 relate to Napoleon
  • It relates to him because when the agreement that thr Americans stop trading with Britain (the enemy) and France will stop the seizure of their ships, he was the one who told his men to keep the seizure going.
  • Results of War of 1812, was there a winner
  • There was no result to the war besides both sides thinking that they had won the war.
  • Organize your thinking using a T chart for the pros and cons of declaring war on Britain.(War of 1812)
  • Bold thing for our nation
  • Showed that we were strong and brave
  • Poorly trained men
  • Only 16 ships
  • Only 7,000 men

  • Include 2 new war heroes, that fought and would eventually become Presidents.
  • These two heroes were Andrew Jackson and William Henry Harrison.
  • Bonus: Find conflict that existed while they were President. List just 1 conflict for each President.(Jackson & Harrison)
  • One of Jackson's major conflicts was objecting to the second National Bank of America. He did not want this and wanted to stick to the constitution. One of Harrison's major conflicts was dealing with a serious case of pneumonia that eventually killed him. He was only in office for one month so he did not deal with many things.
  • Repeat, no explanation required, list one conflict( while they were President) from above sentence.(Jackson & Harrison)
  • One of Jackson's major conflicts was objecting to the second National Bank of America. One of Harrison's major conflicts was dealing with a serious case of pneumonia that eventually killed him.
  • With these heroes, include the following: When they served as President, term of office,State they represented, and college they attended.

Andrew Jackson
William Harison
When they served as president
  • March 4th, 1829 – March 3rd, 1833; March 4th, 1833 – March 3rd, 1837
  • March 4th, 1841 – April 4th, 1841
Their term of office
  • 2 terms (8 years)
  • Only served 1 month of his term; He died from pneumonia while in office
State Represented
  • Tennessee
  • Ohio
College attended
  • Did not attend college
  • University of Pennsylvania

V) James Monroe: Monroe Doctrine
  • Explain Monroe Doctrine : This was when Monroe stated that America, north and south, has power too.It showed mainly eroupe and other countries that if they were to walk onto their land they would bhe dealt with and threathend. They made the same statement for South America as well.
  • Q:Using information and criteria of Monroe Doctrine please identify how that could be used in our society today around the world.
  • A:Our society is starting to doubt our strength. But That message was to say that we are not helpless and small but strong and big.
    • Also there are no fly zones all around the world in places that want to protect their power or secret projects
  • What growing power might want to protect its interests in its geographic area
    • Nevada
    • China
    • North Korea

  • Give illustration of where and when this has taken place in the past 50 years that involves U.S.A
    • 9/11
It told the world that they weren't little or weak
If nobody messes with America we won't mess with them
It helped us be more confident with our country
Europe found it childish
Europe said by what right do they have to say this

‍Research Notes Requirements: Individual

  • 3 number of resources, Textbook,wikipedia and your choice for material
  • Bullet style notes (obviously in your own words or quoted and
  • Posted on wiki page on time

‍Wiki Page Requirements: Group

  • Answer each the questions that I want answered, double check - Check and balance,was everything answered?
  • Title
  • Glog
  • Persuasive Essays
  • Notes
  • Resources

‍Glog Requirements: Group

  • Photo of President
  • Years they served, along with Political party associated with
  • Summary of Conflict during their Presidency (in your own words of course)
  • Create T-Chart showing Pros and Cons of each topic under each President.

‍Persuasive Essay Requirements: Individual

  • Each person will be responsible to write a Persuasive Paper.
  • You will pick 1(one) topic that has been mentioned above
  • You will either talk about the Pros or Cons about your topic
  • Reminder,Persuasive, present one side of the issue, stay on topic.
  • This paper, one page in length, no more, typed
  • This will be posted to the Wiki, so others could respond to your paper and take opposing views.

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