Conflicts and Issues:

I) George Washington: Political Parties & Foreign Affairs:

Political Parties
  • People naturally align themselves into groups
  • More people working together rather than individually
  • It is natural for people to have different opinions
  • They can be dangerous, especially when they align themselves with other counties
  • It would be very bad if one party dominated all the others
  • There could be violence between parties due to various reasons
  • They can distract the government from their duties
Summarize both views - Compare and contrast answers
There are several advantages of political parties as well as cons. People naturally hold different opinions and align themselves into groups. It is also better for people to have support and from others and work together verses alone. This is beneficial to political parties. On the other hand, there can be a great amount of rivalry and disputes between different political parties. They will often take sides in almost every conflict, including international, which can distract them from their duties and can lead to violence.

Foreign Affairs
  • Temporary alliances can be helpful
  • Resources and benefits can be gained from foreign affairs
  • They can provide a better delivery of services
  • Permanent alliances and enemies with other countries can cloud the government's judgement
  • We should not become entangled in foreign affairs of any kind
  • This could lead to wars and unwanted conflicts
Summarize both views - Compare and contrast answers
There are many cons in political affairs, but there are some useful benefits. Permanent alliances, as seen with France and America can be dangerous and can cloud the government's decision making. This can lead to wars and unwanted international affairs that are bad for the government. Temporary alliances, however are helpful and can help America. Trading with other countries can help America attain foreign resources and can help provide a better delivery of services.

II) John Adams: Aliens-Sedition Act:

  • It eliminated any rivals of the government
  • Made talk about rebelling the government illegal
  • Encouraged spies to leave and made spies harder to live in America
  • They made becoming a citizen harder
  • In violation of the 5 basic rights- speech, press, etc.
  • Made it very difficult for a different party to take over the current one
Provision of Alien-Sedition act

Why were the Alien-Sedition Acts necessary?
Adams felt it was necessary so he could protect the government from foreign enemies as well as Americans critiizing him and the govenment.

How did the issue relate to Constitution and the Bill of Rights?
The sedition act defied the the first amendment in the constitution and bill of rights. It denied Americans the right to free speech.

Explain correlation of Past- Present with 2 issues.
One of the alien acts is still in effect today. It allows the president to deport or imprison immigrants during wartime. There was also an attempt at a modern version of the alien-sedition acts.

III) Thomas Jefferson: Louisiana Territory/Purchase

  • Buying it from France would keep them out of war.
  • The land would be open for settlement
  • Free navigation would be assured.
  • Buying land was not mentioned in the constitution
  • Many citizens were against the buying of it due to the fact that it wasn't in the Constitution.
  • If enough states were made in the West, then could possibly outvote the East

Why did Jefferson purchase this territory?
Jefferson purchased the territory so farmers would be able to use the Mississippi river and New Orleans. The farmers depended on these to trade their crops.

How did he justify this purchase?
He said it was better to stretch the constitution than to miss out on a historical opportunity. The farmers also needed the land and ports.

Why might others argue he should not have purchased the territory?
It cost $15 million dollars and the government did not have much money at the time. People said it wasn't in the constitution that the government could purchase land. The land was approx. 828,000 sq miles.

Find a current day issue or event that deals with strict vs. loose interpretation of the Constitution in our society
One extremely controversial topic that is concerned with loose vs. strict
interpretation of the constitution is Roe v. Wade, or the topic of abortion.

Lousiana Purchase Today:
The land from the Lousiana purchase today is known as California, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Washington, Minnisota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nevada, etc.

IV) James Madison:

  • Stopped France and Britan from attacking american trading ships
  • Showed the rest of the world that America was independent and could stand up for itself
  • Removed Native Americans and allowed settlers to settle west.
  • Many Americans were killed
  • Madison went against Washington's policy of isolation
  • We would have our ports blockaded by the British navy
  • Cities were attacked and much damage was done to important buildings
  • Lots of resources were wasted
Frances role in the war?
Before and during the war, France attacked American ships. When they lost the war against Britain, Britain was able to send more troops to America.

How does the war of 1812 relate to Napolean?
At the beginning of Madison's presidency, he offered Napoleon an offer; if he stopped attacking American ships, then America would stop trading with Britain.

Was there a winner of the war of 1812?
No, both America and Britain claimed they won but there was no one true winner. Although there was no winner, America did benefit from the war in a multitude of ways.

Why did the war start?
It started after the French attacked and destroyed US ships. The Americans were fed up and declared war against the French.

Should Madison have declared war on Britain - War of 1812?
Yes, winning the war showed that America could stand up for itself anSasha's an independent nation.

2 new war heros:
Andrew Jackson
Year - 1829
Terms - 2 terms (8 years)
State - Tennessee
College - None

William Harrison
Year - 1841
Terms - 0 Terms (Died in office) served the shortest time in office; only 24 days, died of pnemonia
State - Ohio
College - Hampden-Sydney College

V) James Monroe: Monroe Doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine:
The Monroe Doctrine was a doctrine that said if any foreign country attempted to colonize or dominate any country in North or South America, then America would protect that country. The doctrine caused Americans to be proud as well as countries in the Americas to feel safe.

Using information and criteria of Monroe Doctrine please identify how that could be used in our society today around the world:
If a country were to attempt to dominate one of our neighboring countries in North or South America, America would protect them against invasion.

What growing power might want to protect its interests in its geographic area?
Any growing power might want to protect its geographical area so they can use it to harvest natural resources. Natural resources can be traded an used to increase the country's wealth.

Give illustration of where and when this has taken place in the past 50 years that involves U.S.A.
One of the fastest growing powers in the world is China. They have a huge manufacturing industry that the U.S. heavily supports by buying much of their products.



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