Group members - names - 1st name only and last initials:

Indy A, Zach G, Michael P, and Marshall R

Conflicts and Issues:

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I) George Washington: Political Parties & Foreign Affairs:

Explain correlation of Past- Present with 2 issues.II) John Adams: Aliens-Sedition Act:

  • Create a T-Chart giving the Pros and Con of the Alien-Sedition Act, and respective approach of handling the situation**

III) Thomas Jefferson: Louisiana Territory/Purchase

  • Organize your thinking using a T chart for the pros and cons of purchasing the territory.
  • Find a current day issue or event that deals with strict vs. loose interpretation of the Constitution in our society.

IV) James Madison:

  • Should Madison have declared war on Britain - War of 1812?
  • Organize your thinking using a T chart for the pros and cons of declaring war on Britain.(War of 1812)

V) James Monroe: Monroe Doctrine

  • Using information and criteria of Monroe Doctrine please identify how that could be used in our society today around the world.

‍Glog Requirements: Group

  • Photo of President
  • Years they served, along with Political party associated with
  • Summary of Conflict during their Presidency (in your own words of course)
  • Create T-Chart showing Pros and Cons of each topic under each President.

‍Persuasive Essay Requirements: Individual

  • Each person will be responsible to write a Persuasive Paper.
  • You will pick 1(one) topic that has been mentioned above
  • You will either talk about the Pros or Cons about your topic
  • Reminder,Persuasive, present one side of the issue, stay on topic.
  • This paper, one page in length, no more, typed
  • This will be posted to the Wiki, so other could respond to your paper.