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Conflicts and Issues:

I) George Washington: Political Parties & Foreign Affairs:

1. Wont start war.
2. Neutrality.
3. Avoid debt with to other counties.
4. Keep the Nations people from dividing.
5. Keep us united a a nation.
1. Harder to make trade.
2. In case of war, we have no allies.
3. Harder to get natural resources.
4. Harder for candidates to get a strong support group.
5. Contradicts the right of assembly.

II) John Adams: Aliens-Sedition

The alien and sedition act was an act that made it possible to arrest and fine people who disrespected the national government. It also made it possible for the government to remove alien trouble makers from the country. John Adams and the Federalist Party said this act was to protect the country from unneeded trouble and insurrection. In fact, the act was a way for the federalists to arrest republicans who tried to speak bad about them.

1. Terrorism was easily prevented.
2. Prevented insurrection.
3. Gave the government more control.
1. Was in opposition to the constitution.
2. Violated the rights of free speech and press.
3. Allowed people in the government to arrest people because of personal affairs.

III) Thomas Jefferson: Louisiana Territory/Purchase

1. Would allow the US to expand.
2. Would make travel and trade easier.
3. Would make the US seem more powerful.
1. Jefferson was going against his own beliefs.
2. Unconstitutional.
3. Very expensive.
  • Why did Jefferson purchase the Louisiana Territory? To expand and to make free passage on the Mississippi river easier.
  • How did he justify the purchase? He said that it would help the US expand and make passage on the Mississippi river for trade and travel.
  • Why might others argue he should not have purchased the territory? Because originally, Jefferson was in favor of a strict interpretation of the constitution, but then his beliefs abruptly changed. The public thought that the
purchase was unconstitutional.

IV) James Madison:

  • Should Madison have declared war on Britain in the war of 1812? – Yes…I believe that it was necessary and was a good way of proving that the United States was a real power, even after the revolutionary war and before world war I and world war II.

1. Allowed the US to get a feel for fighting.
2. Made so that the Us was recognized as a real country.
3. Taught the British a lesson.
1. Was a bit unnecessary.
2. Loss of life even though nobody really won.
3. Waste of supplies.

V) James Monroe: Monroe Doctrine

  • Using information and criteria of Monroe Doctrine please identify how it could be used in our society today around the world. I know that the Monroe Doctrine has been mentioned several times during times of war, but the most memorable time it’s been used in my time is during the September Eleventh attacks, where terrorists attacked the US, going into our territory and attacking. War was declared soon after.
  • What growing power might want to protect its interests in its geographic area? The United States of America.
    • Give illustration of where and when this has taken place in the past 50 years that involves U.S.A.: President Kennedy used the Monroe Doctrine as justification during the Bay of Pigs (1962). Russian missiles had been stationed on Cuba and were aimed at the United States. It is the closest the U.S has ever come to a nuclear war.

‍Glog Requirements: Group

‍Persuasive Essay Requirements: Individual
  • Each person will be responsible to write a Persuasive Paper.
  • You will pick 1(one) topic that has been mentioned above
  • You will either talk about the Pros or Cons about your topic
  • Reminder,Persuasive, present one side of the issue, stay on topic.
  • This paper, one page in length, no more, typed
  • This will be posted to the Wiki, so other could respond to your paper.