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Conflicts and Issues:

I) George Washington: Political Parties & Foreign Affairs:'

Foreign Affairs
  • The country helps you in war no matter what.
  • You can trade goods easily.
  • You can use them to give you respect with other countries.
  • You have to support the country no matter what in war.
  • You have to aid the country when in turmoil.
  • It costs a lot to aid the other country.
Political Parties
  • Everyone in each different party has the same view.
  • You can have broad expansion of ideas.
  • You can get your point across better with a political party.
  • When voting, you have to choose sides for which candidates.
  • You can have many arguments about the views of the party.
  • It can distract the government from their duties.
In Washington’s farewell address, he warned against political parties and foreign affairs with other countries. Washington warned about Political parties saying that it would distract the government from their duties, also they can cause riots and problems among the people. Washington warned against foreign affairs saying the French would influence the American people and government to be at their will.

II) John Adams: Aliens-Sedition Act:


III) Thomas Jefferson: Louisiana Territory/Purchase

The US gained Land
They removed france from North america
They would get resources
They reduced the risk of war with France
Would have been able to expand the rule of
the United States of America
The US was in debt
Had to get a loan from Britain
It was expensive - $15 million
Increased the risk of war with
colonies of Native Indians and
the Spanish to the south
Jefferson purchased the Louisiana territory, to try to avoid a war with france, who owned the land before the US bought it. He justified the purchase by using the presidential authority to make treaties. He argued land purchases from foreign powers were legally similar to treaties and therefore constitutional. Others may argue that Jefferson shouldn’t have bought the louisiana territory, because it was expensive, and the US had to get a loan from Britain. Current issue that deals with strict verses loose constitution in modern times is Obama Care, which is a loose constitutional reading. some of the states purchased where, Louisiana, Iowa, Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska .

IV) James Madison:

  • Should Madison have declared war on Britain - War of 1812?
  • Organize your thinking using a T chart for the pros and cons of declaring war on Britain.(War of 1812)

When James Madison chose to give up on isolationism, after France and Britain were attacking the merchant ships, and chose to declare war on Britain. This was a poor choice because we had only 7,000 troops , also they were poorly trained and we had only a navy of 16 warships. this was the wrong choice because we had very few troops and recourses to fight with and our allies were also suffering defeat.

War on Britain

  • We could gain resources from Britain if we win.
  • We could gain territory from Britain if we win.
  • Britain could become our ally.
  • We had few troops who were poorly trained and few warships.
  • Britain could win and demand the U.S back in their control.
  • We have no allies to assist us.

V) James Monroe: Monroe Doctrine

The Monroe doctrine is a speech that President James Monroe made stating the new rules of the congress. The doctrine stated that the Nations of South and North America were not to be considered subjects for future colonization by any European powers. Over the years the doctrine joined isolationism as a basic principle of US foreign policy. The doctrine asserted that the United States would not accept European interference in American affairs. The Monroe doctrine also stated that the US is no longer a weak country; it had become a strong country that should deserve respect from the world. The doctrine can be used today to tell the other countries that we don’t want their help, and also it can tell them that we want respect from the other countries. The geographic power that might want to protect its interests is European help. The US would not want help from Europe, so the US would not want Europe to protect the US. Also the Monroe Doctrine is used today in the NO fly zones such as Area 51 and the Middle East and the Pentagon. Where if you fly in that area you will be shot down.

‍Glog Requirements: Group

  • Photo of President
  • Years they served, along with Political party associated with
  • Summary of Conflict during their Presidency (in your own words of course)
  • Create T-Chart showing Pros and Cons of each topic under each President.

‍Persuasive Essay Requirements: Individual

  • Each person will be responsible to write a Persuasive Paper.
  • You will pick 1(one) topic that has been mentioned above
  • You will either talk about the Pros or Cons about your topic
  • Reminder,Persuasive, present one side of the issue, stay on topic.
  • This paper, one page in length, no more, typed
  • This will be posted to the Wiki, so other could respond to your paper.

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