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Conflicts and Issues:

I) George Washington: Political Parties & Foreign Affairs:

What did Washington suggest about these 2 issues? His comments should be noted:
He suggested that we should avoid them at his farewell address because they would cause many problems for america.

Foreign Affairs
Political Parties
(There could be more time spent making the
country more self-sufficient and working more towards
advancements in stuff.
The country won't ever be in debt)
Foreign Affairs in General:
Better negotiations and less wars if we did not intervene
A two-party system can lead to political stability
which leads, in turn, to economic growth. A two party political is
better than a multi party political system. You can hold the
members of the party responsible for the actions in office
(There financial help be help from other countries
There won't be any help food, water, supplies, etc.)
Foreign Affairs in General:
The problems in Afghanistan show exactly why the
US should not get involved in foreign affairs. We should
remember that one of the main reasons Al-Qaeda
attacked the US from Afghanistan in the first place was
because it objected to American troops being present
in many Islamic countries.
If there was one political party, like George Washington wanted,
we would not need to spend so much money on campaining and
"donating" our money to the parties. I think that some of our debt
would be gone if our voting system was the same as it was back
when we elected our first five presidents. (the person who came in
second became the vice president). They are more of a negative
influence because they prevent people from making there own
choices. Most people who are Democrats or R epublicans vote a
straight ticket.It's an excuse for people to not think and do what is
in best individual for themselves and society. There are also the
stereotypes of Democrats being the "party of the common working
class people and the Republicans "white ,affluent, and tax hating".
If politics became less about labels it would truly create more of
a responsible, analytical, and civic minded society.

II) John Adams: Aliens-Sedition Act:

  • Explain correlation of Past- Present with 2 issues.
    • 1. Immigrants snuck across the border for financial gain or freedom.
    • 2. Immigrants can be removed for suspicion of causing trouble.
  • Create a T-Chart giving the Pros and Con of the Alien-Sedition Act, and respective approach of handling the situation*

  • it scared spy's and rabble rousers out of the country.
  • it helped support the Federalist party.
  • the president could deport troublemakers.
  • protected them from citizens like Garnet
  • it was a plan to give the Republicans less votes because most foreign people vote Republic.
  • it make it take longer for foreign people to become american people.
  • the Sedition act went ageist the first admendment.
  • was not reinforced.
  • the president could deport forgiven people just by suspecting that they made trouble not if they actually did.

III) Thomas Jefferson: Louisiana Territory/Purchase

  • Organize your thinking using a T chart for the pros and cons of purchasing the territory.
  • Find a current day issue or event that deals with strict vs. loose interpretation of the Constitution in our society.
  • a loose interpation of the Constitution in our society is seen as how some people want a national moon base for America however it dosent say in the constatution that we can do that.
  • Why did Jefferson purchase this territory?
  • Jefferson purchased the territory so that the farmers would have access to Mississippi river and New Orleans. Said farmers depended on those places to trade their crops.

  • There would be no bloodshed by buying the tareatory
  • It was very cheap to buy for olny two cents an acre
because the french were at war and needed the money
  • it was a historic moment for America
  • it prevented the the french from blocking the Mississippi river
by putting farmers there
  • it went agenst the constatution because it never says you can expand America
  • it costed allot of money because of how much land they were buying
  • America would be too big and it would be harder to govern
  • Polaticians in the east feared they would lose power

IV) James Madison:

  • Should Madison have declared war on Britain - War of 1812?
  • No, because America (at the time) had a very small army and could barley withstand having to fight another war
  • Organize your thinking using a T chart for the pros and cons of declaring war on Britain.(War of 1812)
  • Andrew Jackson:
    Did not attend college
    James Monroe
    College of william and mary

After the war was over the army and navy
had become bigger and stronger.
America did not lose any major land to its enemies.
It strengthened the newly founded United States
reputation as a defended country.
The native americans were weakened and driven
out of the Ohio Valley region
America did not gain anything because of the war.
There were loses of life, ships, and buildings in vain.
There was also much destruction to capitol cities and
important urban areas.
(it is not a long-lasting downside but the federalist party
was fatally weakened due to it opposing the war)
The native americans were weakened and driven
out of the Ohio Valley region

V) James Monroe: Monroe Doctrine

  • Using information and criteria of Monroe Doctrine please identify how that could be used in our society today around the world.
  • The Monroe doctrine could be used to keep world powers where they are because the population is rapidly growing and the countries are having a hard time keeping themselves self-sufficient

‍Glog Requirements: Group

‍Persuasive Essay Requirements: Individual

  • Each person will be responsible to write a Persuasive Paper.
  • You will pick 1(one) topic that has been mentioned above
  • You will either talk about the Pros or Cons about your topic
  • Reminder,Persuasive, present one side of the issue, stay on topic.
  • This paper, one page in length, no more, typed
  • This will be posted to the Wiki, so other could respond to your paper.

Test Stuff
1. america britain france
2. missouri, nebraska, south dakota, north dakota, louisiana, montana, colorado
3.Who did we buy the Louisiana Territory from? and how much?
From the French for 15 million dollers
4.How big is a acre?
A football feld
5. it started because of napoleon signed a treaty with open trade between am and france and cut off trade with britain
6. the outcome was a tie and we got a stronger army
7. any attempt to invade will bee considered an offense
8. to not have political parties
9. to not be involved in foreign affairs
10. a series of laws making it difficult to be an alien and more difficult for them to be a citizen
11. he was the leader of france at the time
12. congress was raising taxes
13. william henry served for 8 days
14. andrew jackson