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Conflicts and Issues:

I) George Washington: Political Parties & Foreign Affairs:

Political Parties:
  • You gain supporters who agree with you
  • You have people in goverment of the same party
  • The people will like you when you have the same ideas as them
  • People from the opposing side may go against you and you lose voters
  • There are two different sides
  • You are pressured to always be able to defend your side

Foreign Ploicy:
  • Washington decided to not go at war with Britain and France because we did not have the power or money
  • We decided to avoid pernament agreements and alliances so we could avoid war or other countries declaring war on us
  • Even now we still value the isolationism today
  • We signed a treaty to help France, but we did not have the power at the time to help them
  • We did not have an army to get involved in a war off of fear that people would think their liberty is being taken away
  • Citizens always wanted to go to war because they did not realize the consequences of people dieing and losing a lot of money

II) John Adams: Aliens-Sedition Act:

  • Explain correlation of Past- Present with 2 issues.
  • The Federalists rivals had life difficult
  • If someone starts causing trouble they could deport them
  • Opposition to the alien-sedition act was so immense that it was a part responsible of the election of Thomas Jefferson
  • It made life difficult for the Republican's
  • It decreased the population
  • It created a lot of tension between other countries
-Felt the provision of the alien-sedition act was necessary because the federalists thought that if no more new citizens came in and voted for the Republicans than the Federalists have a higher chance of being elected.
-This issue related to the Consitution and the Bill of Rights because it lengthened the time taken for immigrants to recieve the provisions listed in the Bill of Rights and gave the United States the ability to deport a immigrant
-The alien-sedition act relates to our issues today because sometimes the President chooses a female vice president so that a partial part of the reason is to gain female voters.
-The Sedition Act does not exist in the US today but in other countries you can be severely punished for talking against the goverment.

III) Thomas Jefferson: Louisiana Territory/Purchase

  • The fact that the United States nearly doubled in size
  • It made our relationship with France better
  • It was a lot of land for a small price (only 15 million dollars)
  • Farmers liked the purchase because that meant more land
  • It made our relationship with Britain worse
  • It was bad for the Native Americans because we had to kick them out
  • People thought it was unconstitutional because there is nothing in the constitution that states about the territory
Louisiana Territory Purchase – Pros by Tyler E.

The Louisiana Territory Purchase is a good choice for the country for many reasons. One reason is that the United States will nearly double in size. This will be good for farmers who wish to have more land for their crops. If farmers sell their crops, they get money and if someone sells their crops overseas, the United States would get wealthier. With more money in the United States we would be wealthier and the population as a whole would be happier.
Another good reason to purchase The Louisiana Territory is it will make our relations with France better. If we improve our relations with France, it could make us wealthier because France would be more willing to trade with us and stop seizing ships.
France gives us an amazing amount of land for a small price. Although $15 million seems like a lot of money, it would only cost us about 2 to 3 cents an acre. At first, Thomas Jefferson had intended to buy New Orleans, a single city, for $7.5 million but for double the price, he would get an entire territory.
The purchase of this land also gives free navigation of the Mississippi River. Use of the Mississippi is vital for frontier farmers to transport their crops long distances. It is connected to the ocean along the long Mississippi River. The Mississippi runs through many states into the ocean which would facilitate international trade. Also, it would likely be used for quick travel. It is connected to Lake Superior so it would allow trade to the northern British colonies.
In the future, if our population multiplies, it could be used for places for people to live and as a supply of natural resources for the growing population.
  • Organize your thinking using a T chart for the pros and cons of purchasing the territory.
  • Find a current day issue or event that deals with strict vs. loose interpretation of the Constitution in our society.

IV) James Madison:

  • Should Madison have declared war on Britain - War of 1812?
  • Organize your thinking using a T chart for the pros and cons of declaring war on Britain.(War of 1812)
  • They had the element of surprise
  • Both sides won
  • The British had found that the fight was much tougher than they thought it would be
  • They had only 7,000 poorly trained men
  • They only had 16 ships
  • They thought that concurring Canada was “a mere matter of marching”
--We think that Madison should not of declared war on Britain because no one really won the war, so none of the issues got settled. France did not have any role on the war of 1812. By 1814 Napoleon had been defeated in Europe, and Britain was able to send 15,000 troops to Canada. There was no winner in the war of 1812
--The two new war heroes were Jackson and Harrison
--Jackson served in 1829-1837.His term of office when he was president was 2 terms. He represented the state of Tennessee. He attended the college of Salisbury, North Carolina. Jackson’s conflict was the American conflict of 1864.
Harrison served in 1841. His term of office was 1 year. He represented the state of Ohio. He attended the college of Pennsylvania. Harrison’s conflict is that when he gave his speech he was not wearing enough clothing to keep him warm so he died.

V) James Monroe: Monroe Doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine could be used in our society today by having other countries not interfere with us. We would stay neutral but if other countries came to us to fight we would declare war on them.
The United States is the growing power that may want to protect its intererst in its geographic area.
These are the countries that have tried to make war with us but then we got them back

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