Chapter 19 - Inspiration and Venn Diagram

2nd Hour:
Ryan and Doug And Amanda
Jack G's inspiration
Jack S and Spencer C

Chandler and Michael

Ari and Michael D.

Jillian Lawrence and Claire Foxworth

2nd Hour Ryan and Ashley

Madi and Varsha

Maria C and Julia K
Jack F and Mazen
Daniel and Clay

Spencer B. and Robbie J.

Joey And Sid
Allison and Julia
Emma and Becca
Martin and Nathan

Zach Gusho And Micheal Parris chapter 19

3rd Hou



Doug and Ryan And Amanda

Trevor and Jozef Inspiration
Maddi and Veronica

Harmonie and Hannah

Andrea and Hannah

Charlotte and Katie R.

Bogdan and Maria


Kyle and Wyatt

4th Hour:
Kory Gilbert

Sarah and Holly

Meaghan and Nadia

Grace and Yasmine's Project
Gary and Dylan
Isabel & Leora's project

Evan and adam 4th hour

Leah and Alex

4th hour Julia and Keely

Noah R. 4th Hour North and South Inspirations

Marshall R. and Indy A.

5th Hour:
Grace And Brianna
Alice and Rachel's Diagrams

Len C. and Tucker P.

Aaron and Ian

Devon and Ariel


Zach O, and Joey K

Ben N. & TJ H.

Mary N. and Molly L.

6th Hour:
Don Rea Alex Gilkey

HannahAshley 6th hour

Daniel A & Madison B


Ryan and Nolan

Tommy and Andrew

Nick and Travis

Claire and Maddie

Haley and Maggie Chapter 19

Gabby and Micaela

Jack Z. and Alex U.

Hannah S. Chapter 19

Drew and Grayson
7th Hour

Lena J and Chase M

Griffin & Brendan


Liam N and Thomas C

Will K. and Nick C.

Abby & Katie

Emma S.

Rachel F.

Tyler E.

Jay and Rohon