1) Children Book - Using Photo Story

2) Focus of Children Book - Government Topics - Potpourri
  • Audience - 3/4th Graders
  • Visualization is required to get their attention - Show it as much or more than telling it
  • Visual, verbal, text, or audio creativity a must! :) But, don't let it detract from the teaching. It should enhance it.

3) Listed below are topics that need to be covered in Photo Story
  • A) Topic - Constitution
  • B) Topic - Branches of Government
  • C) Topic - Congress - 2 Houses
    • 1) House of Representatives:
    • 2) Senate:
  • D) Topic - President
  • E) Topic - Supreme Court
  • F) Checking for understanding - 5 questions:

4) Under each topic, 3-4 important points must be highlighted

5) Format Options:
  • A) Photo Story can be tied in with fictional characters and expressed in a story format (Example: Jack and Jill,Once Upon a Time, Shh! We're Writing the Constitution, etc.)
  • B) It is possible to make this an ABC book, as long as you cover the required topics mentioned below.
  • C) What other formats might make sense? If you want a different format, make sure to get it approved by your teacher first.

7) Creativity Hints:

8) All Photos/Pictures need to be saved to H-Drive. Photos can come from:

  • A) Internet (cite your sources)
  • B) Draw your own on paper or large index cards - If you draw your picture by hand, take a digital picture and then save to your H-Drive - Better photographs of drawings
  • C) Create your own using Paint, an iPad app, etc.- Make sure it can be saved as a jpeg, then save to your H-Drive

9) When you are done, save the project as a wp3 file AND export a wmv file (see help link below). Make sure to give your file a unique name. Upload the wmv to the wiki.

Photo Story Help