Complete the Puzzle: Manifest Destiny:

1) Your job as a group of 3 or 4, complete the puzzle.

2) Chapter 15 as a guide but emphasis on other source of information

3) Would like a comparison: Book verses Other source for better material and source of information

4) PowerPoint to Photo story – animated map of Additions – 7-10 slides(Blank map)( edit using paint)

5) Must include song “America the Beautiful” (continuously)

6) Sorry, One last time, then you will receive your diploma from Glogster University. Hahahehe – lol

7) Must add PowerPoint to Glogster

8) What you must have:

  • Clearly define Manifest Destiny

  • Puzzle – How United States obtained, received land to form this Great country

  • What States were eventually formed with addition of new territories and acquisition

9) Topics:

  • Louisiana Purchase

  • Florida

  • Texas

  • Oregon Country

  • War with Mexico

  • Mexican Cession

  • Guadalupe Hidalgo

10) Include these answers to Project – more information where to place these on Wiki

  • What people already located in these areas? (hint: Spanish, French, Native Americans)
  • How we got the additions, now justified that method we used.(treaty, war, payment to name a few)
  • Rate the additions of importance to America today. 1-most importance – 7 – least importance)
  • If you had to give one of the additions up, which one would it, be? Explanation required.


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Emma S., Hannah S., Nick C., and Will K.
Rachel F., Arianna R., Liam N,. and Thomas C.