1) Things to think about as you read My Brother Sam Is Dead by Collier & Collier

  • Characters - Names of Individuals, Personality Traits

  • Issues that arise (Political Views, Character Ed - decisions)

  • Significant Events that Occur

  • Setting

2) This book emphasizes many CONFLICTS that existed in the American Revolutionary War.

  • Your task/mission is to Create an Inspiration that shows the most Significant Conflicts throughout the book

  • You will be doing this assignment with a partner, defined as 2 in a group.

  • There must be atleast 4 significant Conflicts on your Inspriation

    • main focus - Conflicts
    • link Individual Conflicts to main focus
    • explain your conflict and why it is significant
    • must include evidence from the text,including page number to support your rationale

3) Save your Inspiration to your H-Drive as an isf and jpeg

4) Post to Wiki

5) You will blend your Inspiration with another group.
  • Select one of your Inspiration map to use as a base to showcase your collaboration
  • Additional information should be in different color