Directions: Who is your leader?

Step 1: List teammates

Step 2: - teammates
1) Define Leaders - discussion
2) What makes a successful leader? - Discussion
Create a wordle list top 7 words that represent leader
Post to the wiki.

Step 3:
1) Define what a hero - discussion
2) Can a hero be a leader - discussion with explanation. Give examples
3) Create an Inspiration #1 - Leader as main focus
A) list words that describe a good leader
B) Next to each word - that describe leader - associate that word with someone you know through prior Knowledge.(Parents,historical,current events)
6) Post to the Wiki

Step 4: Inspiration #2
1) Pick 4 males that exemplifies your definition of leaders
2) List 4 males with 3-4 qualities( about each male) that make/made them leaders, by your definition(Think Big)
3) Create a Inspiration #2 that shows your finding.
4) If some answers overlap, be sure to include Venn Diagram
5) Some of these people should overlap using Venn Diagram
6) If not, I suggest you find a way that they do.
7) Post to Wiki

Step 5: Mt. Rushmore - Inspiration #3

1) List 4 members of Mt. Rushmore:
2) Research those 4 Presidents,( Hint: focus on leadership qualities)
2) What qualities made them be put up on Mt. Rushmore - Discussion
3) Create Inspiration & Venn Diagram with 3-4 details that they share, ( Besides being a President)
4) Also include where experts rate them as Presidents - include source of information
5) Post Information to Wiki

Step 6: Your team has been assigned new task!

1) Show work to Parents your findings before you begin next phase(Step 5)
2) Parent/s are to email me for credit that shows that they saw your work.No email, no credits -
3) Discuss with Parent/s Step 5 with who they might select as a 5th male on Mt. Rushmore. Please include in email that you saw work too.
4) Based on information from Parents, bring to class next day and ready to discuss with teammates who the 5th male should be.
5) Based on Discussion, try to persuade the class with your decision of 5th Person
6) Your decision with choice of media!
7) All work up to step 6 should be posted.

Step 7:
1) Create your Mt. Rushmore with addition of 5th person(male)
2) Using Glogster, post Mt Rushmore - remember your account - password
3) Also add your 5th member with explanation - Bullet points of why he is #5
4) Post to Wiki.

Step 8: Mepeat and Repeat walking over the Bridge, Mepeat falls off, who is left?

1) List 4-5 top Females that show leadership or recognized for achievements
2) Discuss with parents their choices. Parents need to email me for credit and discussion of females
4) Remember your Glogster account
5) Create Your Own Mt. Rushmore - with females only.(4-5 Females)
6) Include rationale
7) Your finished project must be on Glogster
8) Post to Wiki

Step 9: Next month - African American and Native Americans

10) Rubric